26 Marketing Tips for Florists to Grow Their Business Sustainably

Coming daily from tomorrow (well that’s the plan) are A to Z business marketing tips from me to you.   But first, a bit about me…

I’m Kristin and for those who don’t know me I thought I’d give an introduction and explain to you all that I am a self confessed content marketing nerd.

I have been into content marketing since 2007 when I joined my father’s company which sells (wait for it)… industrial electronic and process control instrumentation … 12 years in and I’m still learning what that actually means!

I joined ADM Systems Group when my eldest son was 3 months old and I was put in charge of building a new website. It was a steep learning curve to build a site (which Google ranked) when we had such technical products. This is when I stumbled across content marketing.  I now have 11 active websites and just a few different companies to keep me busy.

In 2014, I found a love for floristry after attending a Bloom College flower basics class, which led me to do the career change course in 2015. I used my marketing knowledge to build my floral business ADM Flowers to a point where I was over extended myself and had to reassess everything.

So now I have an awesome business partner in The Paper Doll Factory, I’m running my dad’s company (he retired in 2018) and I am super keen to share some of the marketing tips I have learnt with you all and hopefully help you grow your own floristry business.

Tomorrow is letter A for Authentic.



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