A is for Authentic

Welcome to the Letter A in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

It took me years to figure out that the more authentic I am the more marketing action I actually take.

If I let myself I can a labour over perfecting a marketing piece (blog, email, webpage, insta post), resulting in no action as it’s never good enough for my inner critic.

I’m not a not a great speller; punctuation, grammar and pronunciation aren’t at the top of my skills list. And if I don’t consciously tell myself that these things are okay then I would never hit publish, post, send or print on anything.

I have to allow myself to show up as the authentic me (grammar errors and all). I don’t have the options to outsource my marketing efforts and even if I did I would use it as procrastination tool (same end result leading to NO ACTION. Talking about yourself or your business is hard but the customers aren’t going to just magically turn up at the door. We have to find them via our whole marketing efforts.

I mention in this series title growing in a sustainable way because everything FREE in the digital marketing world takes TIME. We could buy a tonne of Insta, Facebook, or AdWords spots for some instant results (by the way last time I checked the going rate for 1 click of wedding florist Melbourne on Google AdWords was over a dollar – yep every single click conversion or not). Do we have that spare cash lying around, probably not – so we need to do things the slow, sustainable and free way.

Getting a website ranking well on google or building an insta following takes time. To get the ball rolling we must take ACTION and I believe that when we accept that our authentic voices are good enough action becomes an easier step to take.

So I really hope the next time you are hesitating on anything digital marketing, try and hit the go button then edit it afterwards if you do find an error or two.

Podcast recommendation on this topic is Episode 26 of Letters From A Hopeful Creative.

Tomorrow is B for Blogging.

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