B is for Blogging

Welcome to the Letter B in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

In this digital world having our own website is pretty much a given. We all need to take up our own little place in the www with our own a domain name.

Your website as a florist can be as simple as a home page, contact page and a BLOG page. Three pages. Yes you can add pages but a three page site filled with beautiful images and authentic words can work.

Your home and contact pages can be fairly static (update a few times a year to keep relevant). But the magic marketing (customer attracting) work happens on your BLOG.

These days blogs aren’t a stream of thoughts on life, fashion etc.. that you may have previously associated them with. They are now marketing content about whatever topic you want them to be. You can fill them with a few select words and beautiful images, rather than lines and lines of text.

On one of my sites I use blogs to talk about my wedding work. After my very first wedding in April 2017 (which wasn’t for a friend or family) I turned the few pictures I had into a blog article about how to find affordable wedding flowers in Melbourne. This blog post from 2017 is still ranking on page 1 of google for affordable wedding flowers Melbourne and brings in many requests for quotes.

I’ve updated it a little over the years but I’ve tried hard to keep it true to the original one. I wrote it in a super casual style, might still have spelling errors and definitely has grammatical issues and yet it still speaks so authentically to my target audience for this business which is engaged couples in Melbourne on a budget.

Yes there are some key things you need to do to optimise your blog so it will rank on google but these happen all after you have written out your story / article / idea / blog.

I have a blogging tips sheet on how to write and optimise business blogs. If you are interested in it please contact me and I’ll flick it to you.

Podcast recommendation: Episode 211 of Being Boss Club.

Tomorrow is C is for Captions.

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