C is for (Instagram) Captions and Comments

Welcome to the Letter C in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

Do you struggle with what to write on your captions? I certainly do – it is a painful task for me. Write, delete, write, delete and then put if off altogether. Sound familiar.

I personally find it really hard to say my own work is . I just struggle like you wouldn’t believe. On the flip side – show me someone else’s work and I’ll be genuinely descriptive AF in the comments.

On Instagram the image is KEY and is 100% what will make people stop and then read your caption. But if you get them to stop and click: what you write matters a tonne.

Give the reader some return on investment for their click and explain some context to the image which made them stop. Be real and honest and I dare say authentic with your words. Be the true you. So her are a few tips to help you with your words:

Tip 1: Get inspired
There are people who are killing it with captions. I’m personally looking at you The Collab Hub and you Cadence and Grace). Have a good read of captions you have enjoyed. Don’t copy (that’s not cool) but get inspired by what you are engaging with yourself.

Tip 2: Write it Out
Just write it out and hit share and then recheck. Do the words written do the image justice? You can always EDIT your captions to get it right. Nothing like a public post to get you to take action.

Tip 3: Ask a friend to give you suggestions
People close to us (who care) are usually able to give kind words better than we can. Use them. Send a DM and ask for help. If you don’t have anyone in your inner circle then contact me. I’d really love to help.

Tip 4: Comments matter
For every post you put up, comment on at least 2 others in your feed that very moment. Comments do matter to that algorithm thingy and you do want them on your own posts. So give the people in your feed a helping hand, leave them an honest comment and hopefully the universe will repay.

Podcast recommendation: Episode 33 of Hashtag Authentic Podcast.

Tomorrow is D for Deliver.

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