D is for Delivery

Welcome to the Letter D in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

This is a strange marketing tip but I wanted to share with you that my best Instagram posts over the past two years have been the photos of the wedding party flowers all boxed up just prior to delivery. They have consistently done well for me on my Instagram grid.

I make my own delivery boxes. I’m lucky that I can get spare boxes from my other job ADM Systems Group to use but I’ve recently been using the spare orchid boxes from my wonderful wholesaler Dandy Fresh.

I use six items to make my boxes and they take about 10 minutes to make. A box, a box cutter, takeaway containers, 3 sheets of brown paper, hot glue gun and scissors.

I learnt my box making skills from my internship – Rosie is the best box maker.

I have a Pinterest board just for Delivery presentations if your interested in seeing a few different examples of how other florists delivery and present their wedding flowers. My Pinterest account is The Floral Account and user name kristin_from_melbourne.


This picture is from a branding photoshoot I did with the wonderful Wendy.  My dog Snoopy actually does come with me on most wedding party deliveries. He is my beautiful floral companion.


I’d love to see a picture of how you deliver your wedding party flowers (and add it to my Pinterest board).  Contact me!

Tomorrow is E for Emails.

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