E is for Emails

Welcome to the Letter E in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

If you are exclusively a wedding florist then my marketing advise is answer your initial contact emails fast and be helpful from the get go. Sometimes it is the quickest to reply who wins the job. Tough but true. As wedding florist who is stretched for time, building an email list and sending regular customers is not going to be high on the priorities. You don’t actually want that many repeat customers.

But if you also (or instead) sell workshops, bunches of blooms, event flowers etc.. and want repeat business then you do want to build up an email list and send a quarterly email (minimum).

The first thing you need is a Mailchimp account. It’s free for under 2000 contacts (I think). Mailchimp is how you will manage your email list, create a template and then write and send emails. It’s not hard to use, but if you are stuck use Airtasker to find someone who can help you do this. Don’t give some random stranger your passwords. Ask them for step by step instructions instead and do it yourself.

Second thing pretend you have 100 on your list. You need to get in the habit of writing and sending newsletters to be successful long term. And if you are like me and I think only mum is going to read it then I’ll put it off.

Using a template. Make a simple template which won’t require you to fill it up with too much content. Keep it simple.

Send at minimum quarterly – you can write about your current favourite flowers of the season and pop in a few lovely pictures. Then talk about any upcoming workshops you have or flowers you have for sale. Always link the email back to something on your website. This is your call to action.

Your email list is the one true thing you own and if the social media sites suddenly became unavailable then you would at least have an email list to fall back on.

Email recommendation: Holly Chapple has a lovely newsletter filled with flower recipes and mechanics. I highly recommend you sign up for it.

Tomorrow is F for Facebook Groups

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