F is for Facebook Groups

Welcome to the Letter F in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

Today is F for Facebook Groups.

I have a Facebook business page but honestly don’t put effort into it. It is just more time which I don’t have. I have had a few lovely clients leave reviews and a few people contact me via the page but that is it.

I keep the page open because if I ever want to do Instagram advertising then I need the page. For my insta accounts which have Facebook pages I do automatically push the insta posts over to the page.

However… I love the Facebook Groups. This tip is not about using Facebook to attract customers but rather for yourself to join some floral groups and learn a tonne of stuff.

The group I check in with the most is Real Flower Business with Alison Ellis.  There are 7k members so turn off the instant notifications and posts appearing in your feed. This is such an active group that your feed will be swamped by the volume of posts.

I usually dive in once a week to see what has been posted, comment where I feel I can give value. There are so many amazing florists sharing valuable design / business / marketing information for group members.

There are many more florist groups on Facebook and I’d love to know which ones you get value from?

Tomorrow G is for Gumtree.

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