G is for Gumtree

Welcome to the Letter G in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

Today is G for Gumtree.

This tip is for the florists just starting out. Have you thought about advertising on Gumtree. My very first wedding (which wasn’t a family or family friend) came from a FREE ad I placed on Gumtree.

In the ad I explained that I was recently graduated and looking for real wedding work for my portfolio. I put up a package price, a few images of bouquets of made with spare flowers and my contact details. Less than a month later I had a booking.

Gumtree ranks quite well on google especially for affordable wedding flowers (try it and see). It is free to place an ad although they do have extra options which cost. You can have up to 10 images on your post.

I think it is a great way to start to book some real weddings and importantly get real pictures back for your insta and website.

For florists who are a little more establish then a wedding photoshoot is good for getting images that you want. Early bird tickets for my upcoming Spring wedding photoshoot finish this weekend. I’ll be providing the model, gown, photographer, ceremony and reception scenes all ready for you to bring your own bouquet and centrepieces to be shot. For more info please click link in bio.

Photo by Abbie Melle from @ponderosa and Thyme Workshop. Venue: @jonimafarms Workshop team: Honeycomb Affair and @floral_collective

Tomorrow is H for Hashtags

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