I is for Image Names

Welcome to the Letter I in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

Before we start early bird pricing to our Spring styled wedding shoot for florists end this weekend. Snoopy-dog will be making an appearance at the midday session (3 spots left). He’ll be available to model any flower crown or collar you make with our model.

Today is I for Image names

I’ve posted this one before but it is a an IMPORTANT ONE. For any image that you upload to your website DO NOT upload it with IMG4545.jpg (etc).

Before you upload it, rename the file using a few keywords you are wanting to rank for. For example a picture of a bouquet you could name “Spring 2019 Bouquet Melbourne delivery.jpeg”

Why? Well all these alt-tags help in the google world of website ranking (SEO). Google also ranks and displays images, but IMG4545 isn’t going to help you when a client searches for flowers.

It is something quick and can be a fun task making up relevant names. You should be using your keywords (letter k for keywords is due Sunday) within the title as well as something descriptive to describe it. Not rocket science, not hard, but definitely worthwhile doing.

Podcast recommendation: Episode 46 of Botanical Brouhaha podcast with Native Poppy. So inspirational on running a floral business and wearing many different hats.

Tomorrow is J for Jot down moments of inspiration (in one place).

📷 Wendy Stiles Photography

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