J is for Jot Down Moments of Inspiration

Welcome to the Letter J in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

Today is J for Jot down moments of inspiration (in one place).

How many times have you had an idea pop into your head and it then be forgotten? Or my personal problem is scribbling the idea down in a different notebook, stickynote, scrap paper etc… and never finding it again.

Those moments of business inspiration are gold nuggets that I have found perhaps can’t be brought to fruition right then and there… But later if I come back to it and it still sets of tingles then I know it’s time to take action.

For me the jotting down of that initial idea in one place (a small notebook I got at a workshop in 2017) is my business plan.

If you are running a creative business and juggling multiple jobs (paid and unpaid) then I’m sure like me you are time poor and simply can’t act on every single idea. Doesn’t mean that idea isn’t brilliant and wouldn’t be perfect for another time.

And like all things in running your own business you have to do what works for you. Notes on your phone, sending yourself an email… whatever works just record those bubbles of inspiration and ideas for later.

Podcast recommendation: Episode 1 of Simple and Season podcast. Kayte talks about slow marketing and it resonated with me immensely.

Tomorrow is K for Keywords

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