K for Keywords

Welcome to the Letter K in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

Today is K for KEYWORDS ( or key customer)

Keywords can be a jargon word if used incorrectly. This is not about repeating wedding florist over and over on your website but rather deciding your key customer otherwise known as ideal client. Once you decide who your ideal client is you can then choose relevant keywords which will (hopefully) attract this client to your website. That is the end goal.

Okay time to get very very real with your business, roll your sleeves up and do some work. Get a pen and your notebook and answer these questions. Ready…

Who is your ideal customer? I’m talking about the dream one. The one who makes contact, asks for pricing on everything you LOVE creating, sends you images of your own work and who upon receiving your quote instantly books/buys/commits.

If you have been lucky enough to have ever had a dream client – think really really hard about the type of person they are. Can you remember what they said to you? Anything that stood out. How did this person find you? What words / phrases do you think they used to find you? If you can’t remember get over the worry and send this person an email asking them how they found you and what attracted them to your business. The answers they give will enable you to create a set of keywords you can use to attract more ideal clients.

If you are starting out and haven’t yet had the dream client interaction think about a set of detailed words which describe what your business provides.

Wedding Florist in Melbourne… this is super generic and super competitive. You need to go even smaller. Romantic wedding florist .

If you are starting out then going really specific with keywords will give you better results. But a word of warning anything google ranking related isn’t quick. We are talking months. So the quicker you start the better.

Once you have a small set of keywords:

  • Turn them into a question which you think your key (ideal) customer would use to search for you on google. Eg: Top romantic styled wedding flowers in …
  • You then need to write and publish a blog which talks about how you are a wedding florist servicing that region whose favourite style is romantic wedding flowers. See letter B in this series for help on writing that post.

I seriously can’t stress enough how freaking important it is for you to select some niche keywords for your business and then write a blog post on those words.

I am here to help. Seriously send me an email if you are stuck. I’d be honoured to give you a helping hand

Newsletter Recommendation: Me!

Tomorrow is L for BACKLINKS

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