L is for backLINKS

Welcome to the Letter L in my 26 marketing tips for you to grow your floral business in a sustainable way.

Today is L for backLINKS

In Google land one of the ways the google-bot determines which website content is better than the next is site authority. And one of the methods it uses to rank websites is backLINKS.

backLINKS are the number of other websites which have linked to your site. The higher the number of QUALITY websites which reference your own – the better your site will rank.

Links from quality sites are gold but as much as you want more websites to link to you, you need to be aware that any links you give on your site (to someone else) is benefiting them and not you (unless the reciprocate).

This is not to say that you shouldn’t link to anyone as that isn’t good karma. You need to give more to receive back. But I mention it just so you are clear about which links help your website rank. Just be mindful about who you are giving your links too. As you are potentially giving your reader the chance to leave your site and move to another.

So if backLINKS are important then how can you get more. You can’t scam the system and pay dodgy companies to get backLINKS for you. Google knows this and will penalise your site. You need genuine, quality backLINKS.

One way of obtaining them is too organise a collaboration shoot / completion etc and then write a blog (see Letter B for blog) on the shoot. In your blog you will give your LINKS to the other large involved in the hope that they will then write a similar article and give you the backLINK.

If you are lucky enough to have the collaboration published by an industry blog / digital magazine then this should earn you another backLINK.

If you would like to collaborate with me on an article then send me a DM. Working together we can grow our businesses.

Tomorrow is M for Metrics

Photo: Lilli Kad Photography

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