My little flower shop (Melb, Aust): Episode one – Planning

A blog about the ins and outs of opening and running my flower shop in Melbourne, Australia (in a covid world). Got a question then please send me a email or a DM via instagram.

Welcome, I’m excited to be bringing this blog to you. Its been a long time in the making. Growing up I wanted to be a florist but more specifically I wanted to have my own florist shop. And now finally many years and a few different careers later I’m about to open it. All thanks to COVID. Yep that f*cking virus caused my wedding florist business to collapse with an almighty bang in March 2020, two months after I had signed a two year lease of a new studio space. It was meant to be a permanent home for the wedding business. But that all crumbled into COVID dust.

Image of the building at 50 Wattletree Road Armadale
The space: 50 Wattletree Road Armadale

The shop / studio has sat empty for over six months and has mentally and financially caused a lot of anguish. Having a space which couldn’t be used and having weddings postponing out to 2021 or worse cancelling altogether was a shit way to spend 6 months. It wasn’t until Mid August that the idea of opening up as my own little flower shop took hold.

I finally had something to be excited about again, to look forward too as Melbourne had gone back into lockdown by this stage, and are still in lockdown at time of writing this. Something to work on and plan for to make use of and enjoy the space I am financially committed too for at least another 16 months.

Planning the Shop

So… the planning. I’m more of an action type person. Have an idea, execute the idea. But being in lockdown there has been a LOT of planning. My powerpoint document is currently 49 pages (and growing) of ideas, plans, shoppings lists, marketing ideas and more. PINTEREST has been my go to place for inspiration.

The Floral Collective shop window concept
The concept for the Floral Collective shop window

Seasonal Floral Display

My main mission for the floral shop is to have fun and enjoy it and a big part of this has been planning out the monthly window display. I want to create something each month which I enjoy looking at (as well as creating) but also that people passing by can enjoy too. Fun and playful as well as hopefully attracting them into the store on Saturday’s.

Inspiration images for the shops monthly window display.
The Floral Collective Monthly Window Themes

Opening Date: maybe 24th October

This is a moving goal post with the covid restrictions in Melbourne. I am hoping to be open on Saturday the 24th October 2020 but who knows. For now I’m getting as much prepared as I possibly can with online ordering and practising my floral skills at home.

The shop will be a low key affair until things get back to normal with COVID. I am looking forward to spending my Saturday’s making beautiful things and having fun whilst doing it. I hope to see you there.

If you are wanting more details on the store then my instagram @the.floral.collective is the best place to find the most upto date info.
Come and say Hi.

If you have any questions on my flower shop journey please give me an email, I’m more than happy to answer any and all questions.

Until next week.

Kristin xoxo

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